Monday, 23 October 2017

Laura's Sexcapades

Part 1 / 4

The last few weeks have been really hard for me with all sorts of shit going on, so I decided the best way to get away from it all was to treat myself to a nice afternoon at a spa for some much needed r&r.

However, it seems I missed the part in the brochure where it mentioned that the sauna at this particular spa was nude only. You can imagine my surprise when I rocked up in my bikini to be confronted by a giant “nude area” sign. Since the sauna was unoccupied, I had no qualms about ditching my swimwear and making myself comfy on one of the sauna beds. So comfy, in fact, that I must have nodded off.

I only stirred from my slumber when I became aware of some company in the sauna with me. Not wanting to give away that I had woken, I peaked out the corner of my eyes and noticed a guy not too far away who was clearly checking out my naked body. That much was clear from the massive erection that he was sporting.

I figured, I’d have a little fun and, pretending not to have noticed he was there, got up and moved to the chairs near to where he was perched. I closed my eyes again and waited to see what would happen next.. And, sure enough, when I opened them again, I was confronted with his throbbing cock just inches from my face.

Feeling naughty, I slide from the chair onto my knees and started to go to work on the fantastic looking piece of meat before me. However, the wooden floor boards were really not comfortable to kneel on, so I gently pushed him back on the bed behind him and crawled up after him. From here, I was able to not just work the shaft of his cock but also give his balls some licking too…

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