Monday, 23 October 2017

Laura's Sexcapades

Part 3 / 4

I continued to ride up and down on his cock, turned on by imagining how much he must be enjoying the amazing sight of it sliding in and out of my pussy, The increasing frequency of his moans certainly seemed to suggest that he was enjoying it as much as I hoped.

I then felt his hands firmly grasp my hips and pull me backwards on top of him. As I propped myself up on top of him, for the first time in the encounter he started to fuck me. At first, his thrusts were slow and tender but lust clearly got the better of him as it was not long at all before he was really going for it.

He then wrapped an arm around me and rolled us on to our sides. Again, he slowed his fucking for a few moments, as our bodies wriggled into comfortable positions. Once we were set, he got back into his rhythm and picked up exactly where he had left off.

With his cock filling my pussy and his wandering hands caressing my boobs, I was in heaven. But then he gasped “I’m going to cum” in my ear. I didn’t care. I let him unload all his cum inside me and, after a final few hard and deep thrusts as his body spasmed, he was done.

We shared a final few tender moments and then I dragged myself off to get cleaned up…

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