Thursday, 12 October 2017

So tonight I was asked by a cross dresser whether I’d like to peg him. At first I thought “sorry, i’m not interested in women”, then I thought “well, actually it is a guy with a cock underneath all that…” and then I didn’t know how I felt about it. Anyways, amid all my procrastinating over whether it would be cool or not, he/she wondered off and it became a moot point.

Considering the shit that I’ve got in the past from a few peeps for not being interested in fucking women, it was probably for the best I didn’t open that can of worms, even though I think it is probably something that I would have been ok with doing.

Anyways, all of this made Amanda want to do some pegging so we tottered off to find some willing recipients of our strap-ons but there were no takers. Boo!

Apparently I did keep checking out Amanda’s strap-on whenever she wasn’t looking… Must have been cos it was so bright and shiny…

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