Saturday, 27 January 2018

Laura's Airbnb

After an unscheduled absence due to life being shit I’m well behind schedule on my Airbnb series and in need of volunteers to help me get back back on track. To begin with I’m looking for volunteers for the following:
  • A woman for a FFM scene (ideally available either today or tomorrow)
  • A couple for a foreplay / oral sex scene
  • A couple for a sex scene (dll required)
For the couples scenes, it obviously makes life easier if I can get some couples volunteering together but I can pair single volunteers together if need be.

Generally shooting will take place on weekday evenings or anytime on weekends (UK time).

Each scene will require some acting as well as fucking and there will be costume and set changes. Depending on the complexity of the scene, the recording session may take something like 1 - 2 hrs if all goes.

If you are interested please PM me here or on the 3DXChat forum and let me know your timezone, what sort of time you would generally be available and which of the above you would be interested in taking part in.

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