Sunday, 25 March 2018

I think this might have been ground zero for the formation of yesterday’s KittyQuinn mob.
From my table at the back of Sin, it already seemed more packed than usual but it was soon heaving in there. Wondering what the occasion was, I got on my phone and checked out what the buzz was was in the Twittersphere.

Lo and behold, there was a new celebrity in town and she had just walked through the door with her broadcast crew from Plexstorm. Of course, everyone wanted her attention and their chance to say “hey, did you see me with KittyQuinn”, but she quickly picked one overjoyed punter to dance with. Dancing then quickly became fucking up against the wall.

Naturally, seeing a celebrity doing something lewd in public, I grabbed my camera and started papping away, Now I just need to find some trashy tabloid to sell the pics to. I’m sure AmandaHThomas can recommend one to me. She loves that shit…

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