Monday 14 May 2018

"Have you thought of doing a girls of 3dxchat tumblr with SexxxyJessica,FYEXXX, Amanda and you shoot? I think one of them is on a hiatus, but cannot remember who it was"

Yes, I have thought about it many times but I’ve never fancied the daunting task of trying to co-ordinate getting lots of peeps in the same place at the time. I have some ideas for a swimwear shoot that could be interesting though so maybe its time if @aht1981, @sexxxyjessica and @fyexxx are game.

But you know, if there is going to be a ladies of tumblr phototshoot, why stop there when @jazzylaw, @petrovaford, @abi3dxgangbang, @scarlettcitypixie, @kateeagle, @sarahreynolds3dx and @sultrywitch might be interested too.

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