Sunday, 9 September 2018

Suck n Go house party

It’s always a risk when you host an open house party; you simply don’t know who will turn up. Luckily for the host of the Suck N Go party, he got exactly that - guests who wanted to come, do some sucking (or fucking) and then go.

This was a nice change from many of the swingers parties I have attended where peeps just mull around and are all a bit shy. This party had fucking in the bedrooms, it had fucking in the living room, it had fucking in the hallway, it had fucking in the bathroom, it had fucking in and around the pool.

Mind you, whilst everyone was very respectful of the house and no-one trashed it (as can easily happen at open house parties), I dread to think what the bill will be like for removing all the stains that were left. Semen is such a persistent stain…

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