Saturday, 24 November 2018

Laura's Saloon Sexcapades

I think we all have those days where we just want to get laid. But that doesn’t mean that a bustling fuck room is always the answer. I took to prowling some of the emptier venues in search of a suitable partner. And at the saloon I found this gentleman.

With barely a word between us, there was a silent acknowledgement that we were both after the same thing, and before I knew it, I was on my knees with his throbbing cock in my mouth. He then returned the favour by dropping to his knees to expertly lick first my pussy and then my ass with his tongue.

Getting back to his feet, he softly teased my pussy lips with the tip of his cock. As I waited for him to thrust inside me, he pulled back and gently probed his cock against the entrance to my tight ass instead. I consented and he eased himself inside.

Every thrust of his cock into my ass felt amazing but my pussy was aching to be satisfied. I spun round, putting one foot up on the nearby bench and spread my pussy lips with my fingers, inviting him to enter me again. Instead, he took me in his arms, lifting me clean off the ground, and lowered me on to his cock.

My ass must have been irresistible as we soon found ourselves back in a familiar position . However, this was a just a prelude to more impressive feats of strength as he once again lifted me up to bounce me on his cock. This time with my ass on the receiving end though.

The tightness of my ass was clearly too much for him and he soon dropped me back to me knees so that he could shower my face with his thick, creamy cum. With just a little bit of encouragement from my hands, he erupted all over my face before shaking out the last few drops onto my chest.

With his knees going weak, he collapsed to the decking and scooched up into his lap to kiss him with my cum-covered lips. As i did so, I could feel his still hard cock pressing against me. As we made out, he continued to remain hard so it was no surprise to me lent he lent me back on the decking and slide his cock into me for a second round of fucking.

Lifting my hips, he thrusted into me again and again, getting faster and more intense with each thrust.
I reached up to wrap an arm around him and pull him down towards me. As his face came down towards mine, I kissed him deeply, my lips still with the last remnants of his cum on them. This only served to give him fresh impetus as he went at me pussy like a jackhammer.

I was now on the verge of cumming myself. I screamed at him to give it to me harder and he obliged me. My legs wrapped around him, locking in place as I crossed my ankles behind his back. And then a wave of ecstasy washed over me. I bucked crazily as I came hard on his cock that continued to relentless pump in and out of me.

My pussy’s needs fulfilled, I slumped back on the decking and tried to catch my breath. But he was not done with me yet. Rolling me over onto my belly, entered my ass for the third time.

Once again, fucking my ass brought him to the edge of cumming in no time. As he grunted at me that he was about to cum again, I wriggled out from under him and presented my face for its second helping of cum. He duly delivered it and blasted a massive cumload against my glasses.

I sucked every last drop of cum out of his still spasming cock and showed my appreciation for the good time that we had shared by planting another sticky kiss on his lips. One lingering kiss later, we each collected the clothes that we had hurried shed just a little early and we silently went our separate ways.

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