Thursday, 27 December 2018

Laura's (attempted) Sexcapades

As I've noted before, I'm a big fan of the Amsterdam RLC. So when I noticed that a rival red light road was now open, I simply had to check it how to see how it compared.

Naturally, I was immediately drawn to the Sexyworld club by the promise of a live show. I wandered in, picking an empty seat to park myself in, and then immediately noticed that I was in fact the only person in there. Boooooooooo!

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Feeling a tad mischievous, I decided to see if I could draw a crowd by showing a little flesh (only a little mind...) so I marched to the stage, discarding my skirt on the way (and almost going ass over tit as I tried to wriggle out of it whilst walking down the stairs (maybe not the cleverest thing to do!).


Within a matter of moments of my seductive wiggling and gyrations beginning, I had two keen watchers. I rewarded them by pulling my top up over my head, whirling it around above my head a few times and then launching it off towards the seat that I had recently vacated.

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Now, my intention had been to just roll around in my underwear a little, perhaps get a few guys a little excited and then leave them hanging after a good bit of teasing, but in the heat of the moment, I got a little carried away. As I naughtily rubbed my crotch through my panties, without evening thinking about, I slipped my thumbs inside either side of my panties, and slide them down to my knees.

The urge to touch my now bare pussy for both of the guys to see was too much for me.

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I lay back and raised my legs in the air to allow to me to complete the job of removing my panties. As I slipped them off my ankles, I spread my legs wide for all to see freshly shaven pussy (that's right, I've decided to ditch the landing strip, at least for a little while)

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With my legs spread akimbo, I propped myself up on my elbows as I reached behind me to unfasten my bra. Moments later, it was flying through the air towards my previously discarded clothes that littered the floor near where I had been sitting.

I now had everything on display and, although I refuse to believe that either guy wasn't rocking a throbbing boner in their pants, neither of the pervs watching me showed much reaction at all.

Ooh, tough crowd!

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But perhaps they were both butt guys and I hadn't shown them exactly what they were there to see yet. And if the feedback that I have received here on my blog over the years is anything to go by, my butt is my best asset. Time to bring out the big guns then!

I rolled over, arching my butt in the air, giving them full view of my sweet, round ass and my tight, little pussy. And to top it off, I looked seductively back over my shoulder and maintained strong eye contact with the guy in the front row.

To my astonishment, neither of them so much as batted an eyelid, let alone reached for their their cocks. I was sure, that at least one of them would have his hands down his pants by now, but still nothing. OK, challenge accepted!

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I had long since passed the point of no return so it was now time to pull out all the stops to try and get some sort of reaction from these two gents.

I licked and sucked on my finger before then running my hand all the way down my body; from my lips, across my boob where it lingered just long enough for me to run my damp finger around my nipple, then across my tummy until it found its way between my legs.

My middle and index fingers rubbed up and down the length of my slit a few times and then eased themselves in. A small groan escaped my lips as I forgot where I was and I became only interested in pleasuring myself.

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I'm not exactly sure how long I carried on like that for, perhaps a minute or two, but then I snapped back to my senses and remembered the task at hand; to get these guys to show some sign of arousal at my little performance.

I withdrew my hand from between my legs and gave my finger another seductive suck. Down my body my hand once more ran, but this time it found its way back to my pussy via a different route; As it glided across by ass cheek... slap!... slap  slap!.. and then on to its destination.

Twisting round to look over my shoulder once more, I unleashed my very best "come fuck me" eyes on the guy in the front row once again. My gaze remained constant as my middle and ring fingers busied themselves with my pussy for a second time.

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To my immense frustration, still no reaction from either guy!

Realising that if I continued like this, I could be there for a very long time, I decided on one last roll of the dice... absolutely no holding back now!

I rose to my knees and then my feet, and approached the nearest guy. His eyes tracked me on the way, never looking away from my naked figure, but still no reaction.

As I got within touching distance, I gave him a great view of my ass and, as his eyes were drawn to it, I slowly reached down and rubbed the palm of my hand across his crotch. As expected, it could feel a hard, throbbing cock under his clothes but still no reaction from him...

I turned to give him a full view of my rear end, tugging on his trouser's zipper as I went. His bulging boxers, popped partially through his open flies.

Both of my hands now on my butt, I pulled my cheeks apart and looking back over my shoulder I could see his eyes were still glued to my butt. I softly whispered, "Please let me have your cock. Don't be shy. Just slide it into me. Either hole you like."

I closed my eyes and waited with baited breath...

I waited... and I waited some more... I waited for what felt like an eternity but still nothing.

OK, I give up!

I stormed back to where I had been sat, scooping up my clothes on the way, and sulked until the owner announced that we had to leave as it was closing time. Hmmph!

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