Sunday, 27 January 2019

Getting pampered at the Nudist Hotel

KimmyFox's is hands down the best nudist resort that I've been to. I came to this conclusion after spending a lovely Sunday afternoon in this island paradise.

What did I get up to? Well, first I lounged on the beach and took in some sun. Then I grabbed myself a fancy coffee and headed to sauna and wait for Amanda to show up.

Then after hanging out there for a while, we hit up the bar to keep our selves properly hydrated (got to stay hydrated!). The barman was on a break so Amanda helped herself to a beer. I patiently waited until her returned though and got myself a lovely refreshing glass of lemonade (with a straw!). Since I didn't want us to get blacklisted, I also paid for Amanda's.

Now, I don't like eavesdropping on other people's convos but when the guy sat next to us at the bar was enquiring about whether the bar stocked any cake, I couldn't help but overhear and I quickly filled out a suggestion card asking them to stock cake in the future.

We then finished off the afternoon with a quick swim across to one of the neighbouring islands where we chilled in the shade (I had no lotion on so I'd already had my daily dosage of sun when i was lounging on the beach).

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