Monday 8 July 2019

Laura's wet & wild sexcapades

While I was paddling in the pool yesterday, I kept catching this gentleman eyeing me up. He eventually called out to me from the side of the pool to ask what the water was like. I invited him to hop in and find out for himself. He shouted back that he didn't know how to swim, so I reassured him it wasn't deep enough to need to swim.

Moments later, I hear some splashing from his direction and, as I look over to see what the commotion is, he comes bounding through the water towards me. After a few moments,it then dawns on me that he is completely naked and rocking a massive erection.

It seemed that I was not the only lady to notice how impressive his boner was because a busty blonde swam over and was definitely trying to get his attention. I pointed this out to him but he confidently proclaimed that his cock was only for me, if I wanted it, of course.

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I paused for a moment to think about it and then swam over to the side of the pool. I don't think he was quite sure what to make of this but when I nodded my head to beckon him over to join me, his eyes lit up.

As he scooched up beside me, my hand slipped below the waterline to see what I had to work with. I mean, it had looked pretty impressive before but water has that tendency to distort how things look. Not so here. Once I got my hand wrapped around it, I could tell it was a monster. And it was rock hard.

It didn't take much stroking for me to decide we were ready to move things along.

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Splashing down into the water, I knelt before him and started teasing the tip of his cock with my lips. He moaned with approval so I softly started to bob my head up and down. My lips worked the top half of his cock, while my hand worked the lower half.

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While continuing to stroke his cock, I licked all the way up and down the sides of his shaft. From the balls all the way to the tip. And again. And again. And then back to sucking.

As I worked my magic, he reached round and untied my bikini top. It fell to the water and started to float away but I wasn't concerned with that. All of my focus was on this monster cock before me.

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He kept telling me how good my mouth felt. 

I climbed up onto the side of the pool and slipped my bikini bottoms down to my thighs, giving him a great view of my pussy. I suggested that he might like the feel of my pussy even more. He was very eager to to find out.

As he grasped me by my hips and started to press the head of cock against my pussy lips, he asked if he needed to grab a condom.

"Condom, or you can pull out. Your choice", I told him.

He proudly declared that he "never pulls out". Condom it was then.

But as he entered me, he was still going bareback. I looked at him quizzically and he reassured me he would put one on before he needed to cum. For now, I just decided to go with it as his cock started to fill me up. It was so big. I insisted he go slow and gentle to begin with, but he was soon going like a freight train, giving it to me balls deep.

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His hands moved from my hips and wrapped around me. I felt myself being lifted and spun round. With amazing dexterity he then lowered me down onto his cock as he stood in the middle of the pool fucking me.

As he bounced me up and down, I tightly wrapped my arms around his neck but as I gained confidence that he had got me, started to lean back. Just far enough that one of my hands could slip down between us to start rubbing myself. My other arm stayed firmly wrapped around him to keep me upright.

I was well and truly taking his cock hard and deep as it was slammed into me again and again.

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Fearing that he might cum at any moment while he was still condomless, I had an idea. I jumped off his cock and bent over in front of him. Pulling my ass cheeks apart, I suggested he could fuck me in the ass instead and then I would let him cum inside me without having to waste time grabbing a condom. 

He liked this suggestion view much.

As he moved up close behind me, I wet my hand and stroked his cock up and down to make it nice and moist. No way was it going to slide willingly into my ass without some lubrication. 

Even after being moistened up, it took a few attempts for my ass to accept it. But soon enough, he was in and he was loving every moment of stretching my tight little butthole.

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While he was stretching my ass with his cock, he reached round and began fingering my pussy. Yes, just what I wanted. Both my holes being pleasured at the same time.

And then a couple sharp grunts followed by an eruption of hot semen inside my ass. As he continued to thrust his cock in and out of me, his cum spilled out into the pool water below us. 

He eased back his thrusting, as I tried to tried to contemplate just how much cum was now in the water. There was a lot.

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His arms wrapped around me again, and once more I felt myself being lifted up by him. He carefully placed me back on the side of the pool and seamlessly got back into his rhythm of fucking my ass.

"I've got another cumload in me for you", he whispered in my ear.

His hands wandered up and down my body while he fucked me from behind. He made sure to play with my pussy some more, but also made sure that my tits also got some fondling too. His touch was driving me wild. I begged him not to stop as I came hard on his cock, My screams of joy barely muffled by the sunbed that I buried my face in.

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As his groans intensified, I expected that his next cumload was on its way. As I prepared to receive it, he instead pulled out, smeared his pre-cum on my ass and took a breather to compose himself. 

A few moments passed and then he resumed fucking me. Except, this time, he slide his cock back into my pussy, not my ass. 

"Please don't cum in me! Pull out!", I begged him over and over but he relentlessly kept fucking me anyway. But it felt so good so I let him keep going. And then I ordered him to keep going. "Don't stop! Please, don't stop".

I felt his hot cum release inside me once more. Still no condom on, my pussy was full of his cum. I had told him he had to wear a condom. What a bastard...

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He wasn't done yet though.  

"I've got one more cumload in me before I'm done with you", he told me.

Now that my ass and pussy had both taken his cum, I figured I may as well go for the fullhouse and asked him to use the one hole that was still untouched by his cum. 

"Let me take it in my mouth. Please say yes"

I dropped to my knees and starting strokes his cock. It was so sticky from all of our mixed juices. My lips wrapped around it and, as my head worked back and forth, I had soon cleaned off the coating of our combined cum. 

I had barely got going when I felt another eruption of cum in my mouth, Caught off guard, I pulled away as it spilled out of my mouth, on to my tits. His cock continued pumping out cum. Shot after shot. It was a massive load all over my face and chest.

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Thoroughly exhausted from our sex session, I excused myself and went to get some rest on the sunbed that I had used to try to suppress my screams of pleasure just a few short minutes ago. Absentmindedly, I forgot to give my self a quick wash off in the pool before climbing out, so I was soon plastered with sun-dried cum. Not nice...

Whilst laying there, I looked over and noticed another guy staring intently at me from the top of the stairs leading down to the beach. As our eyes met, he purposefully strode over to me.

"Did he give you a good seeing to?", he enquired.

"He did, yes"

"That's nice. Now it's my turn with your pussy", 

"No thanks, I'm having a rest at the moment"

He did not take that well and stormed off. What a prat...

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After that, I thought it best to quickly get dressed again. I grabbed my bikini bottoms from the side of the pool and slipped those on, but I couldn't for the life of me see where my bikini top was. Relief when I then spied it. It had been left floating in the pool and had drifted all the way to the other side.

I jumped back into the pool and quickly swam across to grab it as quickly as I could. A quick dip under the water to clean the dried cum off my chest and on it went.

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