Monday 9 September 2019

Laura's Sexyworld Sexcapades

It's that place I love again. Yes, it's SexyWorld. On my last visit to Amsterdam Right Light Road, I had some naughty fun giving a random punter a sexy pole dance next door at Casa Rosso (ok, ok, and then I let him fuck me) but it was back to my usual haunt on this visit.

That said, instead of either watching or partaking of some fun in one of there live shows as usual, I decided to try my luck in the gloryhole room at the back of SexyWorld. I was in luck as there was a waiting cock for me when i got there.

Sure enough, I gave it a good suck before it erupted hot cum all over my face.

With no other guys to suck off, I took a seat while I awaited another lucky punter to arrive. But before their were any new arrivals the guy who I had just serviced emerged from his booth still sporting a throbbing hard on.

As he jerked off his cock, I slipped off my skirt and panties and invited him take my pussy. But as I rubbed my pussy in preparation to receive his cock. he shot his cum all over me for a second time. I was now a complete mess with his cum all over me.

Amazingly, he was still rock hard. so I beckoned him to snuggle up beside me. Unsure if his hard on would last, I tested him out with a gentle handjob while we made out.

A few minutes of stroking his cock with no signs of him losing wood or an early spurt and it was time to let him give it to me. And give it to me, he did. Hard and deep from behind. Until he gave me his third and final cumload, filling my pussy with his hot seed. Unbelievably, I now had his cum on my face, tits, stomach, hands and in my pussy. 

Satisfied with my work, I laid down and closed my eyes to get some rest.

My slumber was disturbed by some heavy breathing. There was another visitor to the glory holes. 

I couldn't say how long he'd been there, but he had obviously got bored of waiting for me to wake up to suck his cock and had taken it upon himself to simply jerk himself off to my naked and cum-covered body.

As he saw me start to stir, he seized upon his chance. Before I knew it, he had his cock in my mouth and started to mouthfuck me. I wriggled round on the couch to make it easier for him to slide his cock all the way down my throat. His balls slapped against my face with each of this thrusts.

But apparently my throat was not enough for him. He manoeuvred me up and over the back of the couch. Gripping my hips firmly, he slide his cock inside me. As he did so, the remainder of the creampie that I had received a little earlier oozed out of my pussy. 

Not deterred by another man's cum, he began to relentlessly fuck me. There was no build-up to it. Just straight to hard fucking. He was so rough with me but the thought of his cock getting coated in some other guy's cum got me so turned on. I couldn't say no so I let him have his way with me.

With the way he was going, it was no surprise then when he soon started to grunt loudly, pulled out of me, flipped me over and blew his load on my tummy. I was well and truly covered in cum from head to toe.  

Now full awake after my nap and with my latest punter drained off his cum, I returned to the booth that I had occupied earlier to await my next cock.

My wait was not as long as I expected though. Peaking my head out of the booth, I could see my previous partner furiously trying to get himself hard again. Apparently I had not drained him of all his cum as he was soon ready to go again.

I got down on my knees in front of the glory hole and expectantly waited for his cock to appear in front of me. And when it did, I sucked it like there was no tomorrow. This time I was going to be damned sure that he had no cum left inside his balls.

I sucked and I sucked, and sure enough, he soon erupted all over my face. I opened wide to catch as much in my mouth as I could. I could feel his cock spasm again and again, as I firmly squeezed every last drop from him with my hands. 

When no more cum was produced, I let all of the cum that I had caught in my mouth, dribble from my lips. It ran down my chin and dripped onto my tits.

His cock withdrew from the hole and then the telltale sound of him pulling his trousers back on again. I was pretty confident that I'd succeeded in getting all his cum this time. My suspicions were confirmed when I poked my head out of my booth again to see him making his way out of the club.

Thinking I was now alone, I figured that my fun was at an end. So I dressed myself to leave. However, whilst I searched for my panties (I'm pretty sure one of the guys helped themselves to them and took them as a souvenir), I noticed another waiting cock at the next booth over. 

Not wanting to disappoint, I thought that it would be rude not to service one last punter so I put the search for my panties on hold and was back on my knees again to give some more head.

With another set of balls drained onto my face (and annoyingly also in my hair), I thought my work was definitely now done for the day. But as I pulled back the curtain of my booth to leave, another cock was waiting for me. Actually, I'm pretty sure it was the same one I had just been sucking. 

He joined me in my booth and his hands were immediately all over me. As they slide under my skirt to remove my panties, he could not believe his luck that I was already going without them. Without any further ado, he lifted me off my feet and placed me on his cock.

A third guy in a row who could cum and a keep going. What are the chances! I couldn't believe me luck.

He bounced me up and down on his cock while squeezing my ass with his strong hands. The intensity of it was blowing my mind. I wanted my final cumload of the day to be another creampie. I whispered in his ear to cum inside me. He nodded his head in consent.

So lost in the moment as I was, it didn't dawn on me that if he went weak kneed from cuming while supporting me, I might come crashing down with a bump. Luckily, it didn't come to that though, as he dropped me back to my feet, spun me round and entered me from behind.

And it was then not long at all before I felt him spasm sharply and then that warm sensation of my pussy being filled with another cumload. The second in my pussy and the seventh (yes, seventh!) of the day. I was simultaneously disgusted with myself for being such a filthy whore but also proud at my work. 

A quick kiss on the cheek and he was gone. And now I really was the last person in the glory holes room. Satisfied that I'd serviced enough guys, I swiftly followed him out of the door before any other cocks could turn up expecting me to get them off.

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