Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Covered in cum

Whenever I go out to a club with the intention to fuck, there are two things I absolutely have to have handy in my bag... condoms and wet wipes. Condoms don't need any explanation but, for the uninitiated, wet wipes are the solution to cleaning up any mess. And if there are no showers to get cleaned up in after a sticky fuck session, they are an absolute godsend.

Unfortunately, when I checked my bag before leaving home, I lazily only checked that I had a packet of them and not whether there were any actually left in the packet. And then when I really needed them, it turned out that I was fresh out. Grrrrrrr.

Unable to quickly clean myself up before midnight, I was forced to wear the sticky evidence of my fucking on me for the rest of the night. Much to Jess' amusement as we propped up the bar for the next hour or so as we saw the new year in and waited for all the celebratory fireworks to subside. (I actually cannot believe that some selfish twats were still setting them off an hour later)

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