Sunday, 16 February 2020

Laura's Sexcapades in the Sex Cinema

I will let you in on a little secret... just between you and me, ok?

Well, I didn't just go along to the Sex Cinema with the intention of sitting and watching others fuck. What I was really hoping for was that I might get a little bit of that action for myself.

As I patiently sat watching random strangers pleasure each other, I continually scanned the room for someone who might like to join me. It seemed like I was destined to go unfulfilled as I apparently failed to catch anyone's eye for quite some time. But just as I was about to give up, a smartly dressed gentleman sat down next to me.

At first, he paid me no attention but when he caught me trying to subtly check him out out of the corner of my eye, he smiled and motioned with his head for me to come over.


Considering where we were, I assumed that he wasn't just interested in little bit of small talk or chit chat. At least that was what I was really hoping when I decided that I had to make my move or else I could be going home feeling disappointed with my evening's work (or lack there of).

As I stood before him, he looked me up and down. I unbuttoned the top button of my coat. Then the second. I paused for a moment and then the third and forth buttons followed shortly after. I opened my coat and let it drop from my shoulders onto the floor.

His cock stiffened instantly in his pants at the sight of me in nothing but my sexy lingerie. He scrabbled to tug his trousers and pants off as I seductively moved in front of him, his already rock hard cock springing up as it was released from his clothing.

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He admired my body, starting to stroke his cock as he did so. There was no need for him to pleasure himself though. I was more than happy to do that for him.

I climbed on to his lap and pushed him back in his seat as with kissed deeply. I could feel his cock pressing up against the crotch of my red panties as we were making out. I squeezed my thighs together ever so slightly and gently rocked my hips back and forth. Even though my movements were only subtle, he groaned softly at the stimulation it was causing to his cock. 

No doubt he would also have felt I little dampness seeping through my panties as my pussy became damp with anticipation.

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His cock was so fucking stiff as it rubbed against my pussy through my panties. It seemed cruel to tease him like this. 

There was a conveniently placed bed just next to us so I slide off to his side to coax him across to it. My attempts to move to somewhere more practical for fucking were temporarily thwarted as he decided this was a good time to start fumbling with my bra. With a bit of effort, he eventually got it unhooked and went about gleefully fondling my tits. 

While he got himself a nice handful of my tits, I reciprocated with some hand action of my own by stroking his cock. All the time I was gradually trying to shuffle us over to the bed though.

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The subtle approach to moving us had failed. He was far too engrossed with playing with my tits to notice that I was trying to encourage him to move. A more direct approach was required instead.

Clambering up onto my knees on the seating, I pulled myself free from his hands and lips and shuffled backwards to the bed, encouraging him to follow me. Now, kneeling on the bed in front of him, I slipped my panties off and teasingly spread my pussy lips with my fingers to show him where I wanted his cock. 

Patting the bed, I beckoned him to lay down next to me. He did as instructed and I straddled his body. My pussy lips still spread wide, I lowered myself onto his cock. My greedy pussy devoured the whole length.

I sat motionless on top of him for a moment. His hands were all over me, groping and squeezing. But eventually they came to rest on my butt. I let him use them to guide how he wanted me to ride on his cock.

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His hands began exploring my body again but then abruptly he wrapped them tightly around me and pulled me tight to his chest. He rolled us both over so that he was now on top. In turn, my legs wrapped him, my ankles locking behind him, as he plowed his cock into my pussy. It felt amazing.

As my eyes rolled back with ecstasy, I couldn't help but notice the guy on the row of seats behind us watching intently. Our eyes met and remained locked while I continued to get fucked. Watching him watch me was such a turn on. I held eye contact for as long as my oblivious partner would allow.

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I was thoroughly enjoying taking it on my back while eye fucking the guy watching us, so I was in no rush to initiate a shift into a different position. But eventually my partner must have had enough of fucking me in missionary and lifted himself from between my legs.

A few more guys were now lingering nearby, taking a very keen interest in our fucking. Fantasies of getting spit roasted by a pair of guys started running through my mind. Maybe I could tempt one of our spectators into diving in and joining us...? On all fours, I started to give a deep and sloppy blowjob to my partner while flashing my juicy pussy to the nearest spectator. 

As my head bobbed back and forth on one cock, I was hoping to feel a second cock slide inside me at the other end. Or perhaps some hands on butt. Or a tongue on my clit. Or a finger in my ass. Maybe even a spank. But there was nothing. My fantasy was not to be. At least, not for today.

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I remained on all fours as my partner manoeuvred us round until his cock head was pressed against my pussy lips. Gripping me by the hips, he eased me back towards him and onto his cock. 

Instead of fucking me though, he remained still, choosing to rock me back and forth along his cock. I was happy for him to dictate the tempo as he pulled me back and then pushed me forward, pulled me back and pushed me forward, again and again.  

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I let my body remain loose, just doing whatever he wanted. So when he also suddenly started thrusting hard back against, it threw me off-balance and I toppled forward going face down, ass up. He followed me down as we both over-balanced. His cock slammed into me, hitting my cervix as I yelped in pain.

Although he tried to continue as if nothing had happened, I made him stop for a moment so I could wriggle into a slightly more comfortable position on my tummy. Once I was set, I let him resume fucking me. Not quite sure what he had just done to cause me such discomfort, he understandably became a bit timid for fear of doing whatever he had just done again.  

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Our little accident had derailed our fucking somewhat and the position we had ended up in just wasn't working out at all. So rolled onto my back once again, swinging my leg over. 

He lifted my butt up off the bed so that my pussy could meet his pussy, he pushed the tip back inside me.  He kept his thrusts shallow and rapid, clearly still mindful of what had happened just before.

But then he abruptly delivered several deep but slower thrusts. He groaned as I felt a warmness inside me. As he slowly withdrew his cock, a trickle of thick, creamy cum ran out of my pussy, down towards my tight little asshole.

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His load blown, he slumped down on to the bed beside me.

Thinking that he was all done, I began cleaning off his cock. My hand firmly grasped the base of his shaft and pulled up along his length towards me to milk any remaining drops of cum into my waiting mouth.

I was not at all prepared for the surge of cum that I received instead. The surprise of it caught me completely off-guard and most of it ended up around my mouth rather than in it.

A couple more strokes to make sure that that really was all of his cum but no more came out. I was pretty content that I'd got it all as I licked the head of his cock clean and swallowed what cum I had managed to get in my mouth.

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And with that, we both quickly got dressed again. Well, actually I just put my coat back on with nothing on underneath it. Presumably my bra and panties are still there somewhere, or perhaps someone came a long a took them home as a souvenir... 

A kiss on the cheek as a show of my gratitude for the time we spent together later and I was on my way. Definitely feeling satisfied that I had unfulfilled my sexual urges for the evening.

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