Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Soaking in the Arabian Baths

Who can resist a relaxing evening soaking in the the Arabian Baths.

Just be warned, although it isn't written anywhere, there does seem to be an unspoken no clothes rule. At least I assume there must be, given however few bathers were wearing bathing costumes. Or perhaps, all of the clientele were very liberal with sharing there bare skin with others.

Either way, I felt a little foolish when it dawned on me that I had been paddling in one of the baths for all this time and I was one of just a handful of people rocking a bathing suit rather than a birthday suit. Oh well..

So to summarise, its not somewhere to visit if you are shy or easily embarrassed. But for those who enjoy the freedom of nudity or take pleasure from flaunting their figures, I would highly recommend it.

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