Monday 31 August 2020

Dogging Area

This new dogging spot certainly appears to be quite a hit. In a remote out-of-town spot, just off the highway, a healthy gathering of like-minded perverts came together to share their mutual enjoyment of sex and lewdness.

There were plenty of exhibitionists, who revelled in putting on hot shows for any audience that gathered around them. And probably even more voyeurs, like me, who would rather lurk in the shadows, enjoying those shows from afar.

For the most part, the exhibitionists would just do their thing. Completely oblivious to the many admiring eyes around them. Or the soft moans and groans as shapes in the shadows touched and pleasured themselves. 

But at times, glances would meet. Winks would be exchanged. And the sexual energy taken to another level as all involved fed off their mutual sexual cravings.

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