Friday, 28 August 2020

Fan Meet and Greet

Mylessss is a long time follower of mine that I got to meet and chat with at Virtual Sugar's Climax Club last night. Apparently, he has been following my work ever since the Tumblr days. That's stretching back over 3 years now.

While chatting with him, I had another fan run over and declare that I was famous. I felt like such a celeb but she scampered off before I could say "hi" or offer to have a picture with her. I made sure to get a picture with Mylessss though. I think it caught him a little by surprise that it was me asking him for a photo together.

But anyway, the moral to that story is don't be shy to come and get a pic with me if you see me out and about. Unless I'm obviously occupied with something, of course. It certainly puts a smile on your face when you hear that people enjoy your work. Makes all of the time, effort and occasional frustrations worthwhile.

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