Sunday, 23 August 2020

Go Topless Day 2020

Despite being on the opposite side of an ocean, today I show solidarity with women across America by joining them in taking part in Go Topless Day - an annual event held on the nearest Sunday to Women's Equality Day in support of gender-equality.

Am I really bothered about not being able to go bare-chested in public? Not in the slightest. Would I like to see other women walking around the streets with their tits out? Not at all. Do I think that mothers should have the right  to be able to breast feed their babies in public without the fear of being shamed for doing so? Absolutely!

So, while I am quite conscious of the fact that I'm not supporting this for the true intent of the day, which is to protest that women should have a constitutional right to walk around topless in public just like men can, I feel that, by extension, this does tie in with something that I do feeling strongly about and there is, therefore, some merit to me getting behind it, even if this cause is really far more extreme than the one that I am all for. It's simply a case of as needs must. If any of that offends your sensibilities, well, I really couldn't give a fuck.

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