Saturday 1 August 2020

Time flies...

I keep encountering this phenomenon where I start doing something and I lose all track of time. Then before I know it, a whole bunch of hours have passed without me realising.

Case in point, last night I started watching some random YouTube videos at 11pm and, next thing I know, I look at the time and its 2am! Super past my bedtime.

Then I go and do exactly the same thing again today. Well, not exactly the same because its not 2am, but still.... Met up with Amanda on Love Island for a catch up and to see what the latest gossip his. Any interesting new stories from the Johnny vs Amber Turd trial? Who is currently melting down on the forum? Are Percy Pig easter eggs any good? You know, the usual sort of thing.

Apparently, we were nattering away for hours without even paying attention to how late it had gotten. You can see for yourself how many hours must have passed by how much darker it got before I called it a night.

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