Saturday 26 September 2020

Taking in some culture at Old Town

I've been stuck indoors a lot recently so was eager get get out and about this weekend before I went crazy from cabin fever. I also fancied doing something a little cultural so when I saw an advert for this historical old town, it seemed perfect. Not sure how up for it Amanda would be, I led with the part of the advert that said that the site had a cafe and sauna. She didn't need anymore convincing.

It was a bit of trek to get there but i'm glad we made the effort. The town was beautiful with a stunning views all around. The cafe had a selection of cakes and muffins, as well as some rather nice coffee. The town store had some lovely fresh, crusty bread, a spread of assorted cheeses and various honies and curds. The sauna... well that was a tiny shed that was apparently also used to store the town's supply of shushpanzer beer. Oh, and there was a tank. 

All in all, a jolly delightful trip out and well worth a visit.

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