Tuesday 3 November 2020

Most Couples in One Hotel Room

I've had a few invites to visit the Choux's Most Couples in one Hotel Room swingers event at their No Tell Motel but until now the planets have not aligned for me to be able to make an appearance. I thought this week's would be another event missed but I found myself with a bit of spare time and managed to catch the tail end of the event.

Although things were starting to wind down by the time I got there, there were still a few couples keen to make the most of every minute that the place was open for. I get the impression that some of the are regulars at the Most Couples in One Hotel event who have a passion for building and maintaining a vibrant and welcoming wingers scene. So, from what I got to see, it was clear that its a great visit for any active or aspiring swingers.

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