Wednesday 9 December 2020

Another fan meet and greet.

I had the pleasure of meeting, Inkubus, another of my followers yesterday at Cyberfuck. Rather embarrassingly, he caught me taking an especially messy facial with me still wearing the evidence of my sexploits when he introduced himself.

Nevertheless, he kindly agreed to let me get a few selfies with him to add to my meet and greet collection. But, to reiterate, that is not his cum that is splattered all over my face in the pics. Jeez, saying that must make me sound like such a filthy whore...

It was just unfortunate timing, OK? He'd patiently waited for me to finish up what I was doing (possibly enjoying the show) in order to meet me so it would have been exceedingly rude to just brush him off because I was more interested in getting myself cleaned up.

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