Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Cyberfuck Sexcapades

Being a fan of just about anything cyberpunk, I rather liked Cyberfuck so I decided to pop home, put on a suitable outfit (by which I mean something skin tight and shiny) and return for a dance.

As I was throwing some shapes on the edge of the dancefloor, another party-goer exubberantly tried to join in with me. I figured I'd have a little fun with him and see if he could keep up with my moves. And he actually did ok.

Not the most graceful mover but he gave it his best shot, which was good enough that, when he suggested that I do another kind of dance for him, one involving a pole, I didn't tell him to take a hike.

Instead, I gamefully stepped up on to the nearest podium and playful poledanced the shit out of its pole. I saucily writhed and wriggled, spun and twirled, climbed and descended. New moves that I had never tried before in public were debuted. 

Behind his cuberpunk sunglasses, his eyes were transfixed on me. He surely could not believe his luck. And then things got even better for him as my clothes started to come off...

First my skirt. Then my top. And finally my tiny thong.

He definitely approved. I could tell from the growing bulge in his pants.

I had a whale of a time teasing him. Giving him what he had asked for. I had no intention of giving him anything else though. This was just a little bit of naughty fun that I was having with him.

Yes, I had gone further than he had probably ever dreamed I would with this poledance. But I had no plans to take it any further. So what if he had a raging hard-on in his pants. A poledance is what he asked for and a poledance is what he got. If he got too excsited by it and needed to get himself off... well, that was for him to figure out on his own.

He obviously saw things slightly differently though.

As I lost myself in my performance, he stepped up to the podium and dexterious caught hold of me as I twirled down the pole with my legs akimbo.  His hed plunged between my legs as he started lapped at my pussy with his tongue. I could scarely believe the nerve of him to do that but, before I could give him a piece of my mind, my eyes rolled back as a wave of pleasure washed over me.

OK, I was convinced. If he wanted to show his appreciation for my performance by going down on me, I'd allow it.I closed my eyes and left him to.

But then he stopped. Why had he stopped?

Then I felt him rubbing against my pussy again. That wasn't his tongue though. I opened my eyes just in time to see him prepare to plunge his massive cock inside me. Wait, I hadn't agreed to that! 

Before I could protest, he rammed it inside. It was huge and felt so good. Again, my eyes rolled back at the pleasure he was giving me. Fuck it, I let him keeping going. Getting fucked on a podium in the middle of a cyberpunk themed sex club wasn't such a bad way to spend my time, even if it wasn't what I'd planned on.

So I took his dick and enjoyed every moment of him stretching my pussy with his impressive size.

However, while he was blessed with a big cock, he obviously wasn't blessed with an abundance of stamina. 

The effort of holding me up against the pole clearly took its toll on him and he couldn't keep it up for too long before having to set me down on the podium. 

He seemed he wanted to take a breather, but as he puffed and panted, pounced on his cock with my mouth, swallowing as much of it as I could muster. He tried to make me take it all but it just wasn't happening. He was just too big for me. Instead he got a sloppy blowjob that I'm sure he won't forget any time soon.

Perhaps I was a little too good though. Or maybe he was also lacking in sexual stamina as well as physical stamina. Either way, it wasn't long before he was bursting to cum. I'd expected another round of fucking first but the taste pf his pre-cum in my mouth just made me blow him harder. He couldn't hold it any longer.

And with that, he erupted all over my face. 

The cumload was certainly in keeping with the size of his cock... massive.

With his balls well and truly drained, he stepped off the podium a very happy chappy. I wasn't done yet though as I dived for his cock and gobbled it down once more. I take it as a point of pride to get every last drop of cum from my sexual partnes and that's exactly what I intedned to do now. I sucked as hard as I could until I was sure there was none left. 

And with a sharp gulp, I swallowed it all down.

Now he could leave...

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