Tuesday 29 December 2020

Naked snuggles

You could say there there's no such thing as enough sexy pictures of naked peeps making love to one another, but once I had taken enough pics to sate my appetite for tonight, I invited Amanda to join me in taking a skinny dip in the sea.

However, it didn't take long for her to take refuge on one of the abandoned rubber dinghies that someone had left floating in the sea. She invited me onboard and we snuggled together for what felt like hours although I'm sure it was much less than that. 

I must confess, I did in fact lose track of all time. Our naked skin pressed together, her arms wrapped around me, I felt reassured and safe in our own little bubble. For a short while at least, I could put all my sorrows and pains out of my mind and just enjoy the comfort given by the company of someone who is very dear to me. It's moments like these that we all need to give us the strength to get through all the shit that life is throwing at us on a daily basis.

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