Monday, 25 January 2021

Alexandra's Spa and Sex Wellness

For anyone who followed Amanda and I's Goop Lab trials and thought that some of the sexual wellness techniques we tried out might be for them, I would highly recommend an afternoon or evening getting pampered at Alexandra's Spa and Sex Wellness.

We started our visit by getting ourselves calm and centred in the meditation room before sneaking up to the sauna to get our sweat on. I say sneak because it was up the stairs with a "Members" sign above them and we certainly aren't members. Pretty sure we shouldn't have been in there but no-one from the spa came to kick us out so whatever.

We then wrapped things up with a dip in the pool where things got a little rowdy as a water right erupted between us. Luckily there were no other patrons in the pool at the time to complain about our behaviour and potentially get us chucked out. It seems they were all in the upstairs members area getting serviced by the spa employees. Definitely a few happy endings going on up there.

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