Monday 1 February 2021

False advertising

An advertisement describing this place as a, and I quote, "luxury strip and sex" club made me think this was a must-see for my on-going strip club review series.

I wish I hadn't bothered...

There is exactly nothing luxurious about this club. Quite the opposite. It is as tacky as they come.

First off, the decor makes the 1OAK club look positively tasteful and, if you remember, I described that place as having the most vomit-inducing interior I had ever had the mis-fortune to lay my eyes upon. I mean, just look at all those horrific colours they've used.

In fact, don't look at them! Your retinas will never recover if you do!

And then, if that is not bad enough, you guessed it! There are those damn sexy silhouettes that every cheap-ass sex club has plastered all over their walls. I refuse to endorse any club that lazily sticks those all over their walls.

So in summary, all I can say is that, while a strip and sex club this may be, luxury it is not.

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