Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Kiss a Ginger Day 2021

I was aware that it was Kiss a Ginger Day. a day inaugurated a little over a decade ago in response to the thoroughly reprehensible Kick a Ginger Day, but I always took it for granted that it was targeted specifically at those among us who are true gingers. As a non-ginger redhead (my natural colour is auburn), that meant it was only a day for me to show my love and appreciation for gingers.

But apparently that is not so at all. According to someone who claims to be an expert, it extends to all redheads. Now this was news to me and I'm more than a little sceptical that this wasn't just a cheap bit of deceit in order to to get me to consent to receiving a kiss. But consent, I did. Just to a little peck on the check mind. I wasn't going to make out with a bunch of randoms just because of the colour of my hair. That said, I did collect a few more quick kisses throughout the day.

Now, if you want to join in in celebrating Kiss a Ginger and the wonderful vibrancy that gingers (and other redheads) bring to the world, just remember to be respectful and to always make sure it is a consensual kiss. It is not is about you and what you want. Or about using it as a cheap excuse to take advantage of anyone, It is about them and showing them how loved and cherished they are after. So if you are in any doubt at all, ask permission. 

And to my fellow redheads out there, I say this. You are all special. You are all amazing. You are full of life and have massive souls. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. And if anyone does try? Then they are just a fucking dipshit and their idiotic ideas have no value whatsoever so don't let them get you down. I love you all.

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