Saturday 15 May 2021

Another sticky teaser

A brief interlude in my barrage of Lovense posts to tease the latest stars to film some footage for my next movie project.

I've been dying to get the gorgeous Reena Rain in front of my camera for ages now so I was super excited to have finally found something to offer her. She was every bit as lovely to work with as she is stunningly beautiful and I certainly hope to work with her again in the future when our schedules allow. Lucky for you guys, she also has her own site so be sure to head over there and check out some of previous work. Not surprisingly, she has quite the resume of both video and photoshoots to her name. And boys, if you do check them out, be sure to have a decent supply of tissues; you're gonna need them...

Equally, casting AceX in something has been long overdue. After all, I've already completed 3 photoshoots for him, which you can find one his AceProduction website (be sure to also check out Reena's shoots while your there!). The earliest of those was over 2 years ago so its about time I returned the favour. So it was with much relief that he too also finally got cast in one of my projects. I think you'll be seeing more of him in my coming work, for sure, as reliable pros like him are like gold dust.

In regards, the movie that we were shooting for, progress had started to stall as of late due to scheduling difficulties and other distractions, so I'm hugely grateful that Reena and Ace were able to give me some of their previous time to help get things back on track. Especially since I do feel bad for some of the performers who helped me kick off the project months ago and who are still to see the fruits of the labours. Hopefully this progress will spur me on to keep going a a better pace.

In fact, I'm currently talking to a few other performers that will hopefully also be making an appearance in the project and help inch me towards that finish line; a few who you will surely be familiar with and one or two exciting new prospects who are looking to make their mark as performers. With their help, I will finally get the movie finished, I promise!

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