Monday, 3 May 2021

The home of BJs

It's unclear to me whether the Blowjob House is some sort of brothel that provides girls who specialise in the art of cock sucking or if it is a sex club that merely encourages its attendees to engage in a spot of felatio. It was a bit quiet when I dropped by so it was rather difficult to get a feel for which of those two camps it falls into. I'm inclined to lean towards the latter but I could be completely wrong.

Either way, there was plenty of inspiration material plastered all over the walls. And I'm not talking about streaks of jizz that have been unleashed by past visitors and left as evidence of their happy endings.

No, I'm talking about all the pictures hung on the walls that all feature cum-thirsty sluts sucking dicks and taking massive, creamy facials. They really do leave you in no doubt about what the aim of the game is in the place.

Hopefully I'll get to experience the place when it is a little more busy. It could be quite interesting to see. I'll certainly be keeping a watch for it being open.

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