Tuesday 14 September 2021

Keeping an open mind

Although I've been aware of Yaoi for quite some time, my actual exposure to it doesn't really go too far beyond a few episodes of South Park that feature it. So seeing the walls of the Gay Porn Cinema lined with dozens of beautiful pieces of Yaoi artwork today has exponentially increased my experience of it.

Obviously, that doesn't make me an expert on it but I will say that I thought they were all great and I had a lot of enjoyment browsing each and everyone of them. I mean, I do watch quite a bit of anime and even the odd bit of hentai so the art style is something that does naturally appeal to me. And I like cute guys so do the math. Maybe I'll do a feature on my favourite pieces that were on display.

Before going any further, I'd just like to say that I know that there are plenty of guys out there who will just get totally grossed out by the idea of gay porn because societal norms teaches them what a "proper" man is and isn't allowed to accept. I'm sure that there will be some who have already abandoned this article before even reaching this paragraph. But I think we all know that that is bullshit and that each and every one of us should be free to explore what ever we want with no fear of judgement or that it in anyway makes us less of something. Don't let others make you feel uncomfortable enjoying or even just trying something because of their ignorant preconceptions.

When I think about it though, if you have somehow found your way to my humble blog, I believe that means you are part of a community in which most people are comfortable enough with their sexuality for this not to be an issues and are generally pretty open to exploring new things, both sexually and otherwise. And if you have made it this far into this article and are still here, I think my gut instinct has already been proven well-founded. So please, feel free to leave all fear of judgement at the door, come in and enjoy.

Anyways, I'm getting side tracked because I enjoyed far more about the Gay Porn Cinema than just the artwork in the corridor. Because, of course, the corridor is just a means to get to the auditorium where visitors get to enjoy the real action; either by watching or by taking part.

As I have already touched on, it goes without saying that the sort of action you will get at the Gay Porn Cinema will only appeal to certain people. Dare I say it, only a small minority of people. But I like guys and I like fucking so I suppose if you put 2 and 2 together, I should like watching guys fuck. To be honest, I've always been fine with watching guys together but its not something I've ever felt the need to seek out. Today I was feeling curious though so I gave it a go.

I was somewhat nervous going in. Not because I was at all uncomfortable with what was going on there but because I wasn't quite if any of the guys might get a little territorial about a woman being there. I didn't imagine any of them would but you can never be too sure about how people will react. And I have known of lesbian clubs to be fairly militant in policing their women only door policy, so you never know. Not until your try anyway...

All was good though and I settled in to watch some hot and steamy guy on guy action. In fact I could see a couple of other women already there doing the same thing. Except all I caught was a tender post-coital embrace between two performers.

Luckily, I had nowhere better to be so I made myself comfortable and hung around for a bit. And, sure enough, my patience was rewarded with a series of hot on-stage encounters. First there was a couple. Then they became a threesome. And then another couple. And another and so on. 

It was great! I'm not even going to pretend that I didn't get extremely aroused which all the guys going at it. I may even have fantasised about being up on-stage with them, surrounded by all their hot, naked, sweaty bodies while they take turns fucking each other and fucking me.

Indeed, my only disappointment was that I didn't get to see any cum fly. I suppose that was all being unleashed internally. Oh well...

Far be it from something like that to ruin my visit though so if you like either Yaoi or gay porn, then I definitely recommend that you visit the Gay Porn Cinema. And if you like both, then you could be in for one hell of a fun time!

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