Thursday 14 October 2021

Buzz and wiggle my toy

I've still got some on-going health problems that I'm trying to get to the bottom of so I've not really been in the mood lately to test out the most recent addition to my growing Lovense collection, the Nora.

I was feeling relatively OK today though so thought it wise to get in some testing whilst I could. And what better way to put it through its paces than to open up my room to allow a bunch of random strangers to buzz the fuck out of me. I did have a lot of pent up horniness that I needed to exorcise so it would be the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone!

My impromptu opening lasted for somewhere between 2 hrs and 30hrs 30mins. I'm not exactly sure to be honest. It was a slightly slow start but, once things got going, I had a steady stream of guests stopping by and quickly lost track of the time.

I ended up staying open until my guests managed to make me cum. The first few guests actually made me think that was going to happen quite quickly. The Nora got me wet in no time at all with it's twin clit and G-spot stimulation. My intention was to just put it in me and leave it to the toy's buzzing and wiggling to get me off. But at times, I just couldn't resist thrusting it in and out my dripping pussy to also give myself a good fucking.

I had an especially good time with one guest who was a fellow Lovense-owner. Since he had a Max 2, it was the perfect opportunity to try their "long-distance sex" feature where my Nora was controlled by how hard he was fucking his Max with his hard cock and his Max was controlled by how hard I fucking my tight, wet pussy with my Nora.

Let me tell you, I was fucking myself so hard, my Nora effortlessly gliding in and out of my moist cunt. It was a massive turn on knowing that he would be able to feel that. And it felt like he wasn't going much easier on his end easier as my Nora was buzzing like crazy on my clit. Alas, it only last for 4 minutes and he didn't take up my offer of another round in exchange for a butt plug gift.

Things then slowed down a bit. Not in terms of guests playing my game, but in terms of how rough and intense they were being with me. Just as I felt myself starting to get real close to cumming, the next few guests were all pretty soft and gentle with me. Don't get me wrong, it was hot as fuck to be edged along by them but I really want someone to properly finish me off.

In the end, I had a little competition between my guests to see who would get unlimited control of me until they finished me off. With a little encouragement to buzz me harder and some continued fucking of myself with the toy, the competition winner got me there and I got my happy ending.

A closing thought... Although I had a lot of fun with my Nora today, I think these sort of activities are better suited to my Lush and Hush. Maybe even, my Lush and Hush together at the same time? Maybe next Thursday? We'll see....

(P.S. Yes, I know I forgot to update the signs on my walls to say Nora instead of Lush! As I said, it was a very impromptu opening, which you can read as , I kind of rushed it.)

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