Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Proudly showing underboob

Isn't it the worst when you really want to go and do something, but at the same time you feel too shit to be in the mood? Surely, it's not just me that feels like that sometime...

Anyway, you guessed it! That was me tonight. I so wanted to proudly go out to show my support for No Bra Day by making it very clear to everyone that I was going sans bra. Despite feeling shit, I forced myself to go out but I quickly lost enthusiasm and gave up.

But at least for a little while, everyone at Strip N Rock could get a good glimpse of my underboob to see I was showing my support by going without support. Which makes me think about something that doesn't quite fit regarding No Bra Day in my mind.

It's no myth that many women will feel more comfortable without a bra on. But I feel a day like No Bra Day may be more impactful by making women feel less comfortable rather than more. When something makes you uncomfortable, you are more conscious of it. And a day like No Bra Day is a time to be very conscious of ours breasts and how important they are too us.

Regardless, support it I will and proudly so!

Also, it was nice to see other guests at Strip N Rock proudly either wearing pink outfits or wearing a pink ribbon upon their clothes. Even, if many of those pink clothes gradually got discarded throughout the evening...

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