Monday, 15 November 2021

Fans and celebs

A girlies night out with Jess and, a bit later Amanda, at Velvet turned out to be quite eventful. Well, OK and Jess' husband Chris too but whatever. Anyway, it started out normal enough. Just a regular night out dancing in a crowded night club.

Not much to write home about until one of Jess' many fans approached and explained in, some might say excessive detail, how many times he had cum to her saucy pics on Twitter. A big compliment for sure, if you ask me. I can only hope that some of my fans have managed to nut to some of my content. OK, OK, I'm being modest because a few have told me that they have. And all I can say is to that is "mission accomplished!".

Anyway, from there things only got naughtier. Whilst lamenting that is still cannot find any panties with Lovense printed on the bum for when doing my Buzz My Butt sessions, Jess mused that there was another way I could Lovense. Borrowing an on-brand, pink sharpie from Amanda, Jess ordered me to drop my skirt so she could scrawl the Lovense logo directly onto my butt instead.

I'm really not sure if she expected me to comply but, calling her bluff, I did as ordered. After unzipping myskirt, I gave my hips a little wiggle and it feel to the floor, revealing my skimpy undergarments. And with much delight Jess did the deed and decorated my butt with a Lovense logo.

But then, with me proudly standing there in the middle of the dancefloor with my butt out for all to see, in strode celebrity designer, Lisa,. And she only went and made a beeline for right by Jess, Amanda and I.

Oh, the embarrassment of having my butt out in front of such an honoured local celeb. I quickly yoinked my skirt back up and pretended like nothing happened. Maybe that was a hasty move though, as Lisa may well have been admiring my posterior. With it now covered up again, she trotted off to explore the rest of the club. Of course, I get tabs on her and made absolutely sure to get some pics of her.

And that was about it until I got a call to direct a quick porn shoot and had to dash off to meet my performers...

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