Friday, 3 December 2021

A new place to call home

Still no message from the Squirt Game organisers to indicate when I'll be picked up to take part. And it seemed like things were going from bad to worse for me when local law enforcement turned up at Quickies to move me along.

As I aimlessly wandered the local highways looking for a new spot to call my home, I came upon this junkyard. In truth, being forced to leave Quickies may have been a blessing in disguise.

Within this junkyard I found myself an abandoned shack so I now have a roof over my head. Also, there are plenty of old oil barrels that make convenient places to start a fire to huddle round to keep warm.

Of course, I'm still being forced to provide sexual favours to make money to feed myself. The only problem is a distinct lack of vending machines in the junkyard for me to spend my earnings in.

My shack has welcomed plenty of horny guys already. There are also plenty of other shacks with holes in their makeshift walls that I can use as improvised gloryholes. Some of the discarded cars and trucks have also provided convenient places to fuck and suck; both the front seats and the backs of the pickup trucks.

It does raise a very valid question though; why are there so many horny guys roaming around in a junkyard in the middle of nowhere? I won't complain, but it is quite puzzling to me.

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