Sunday 26 December 2021

Everyday is Christmas

Christmas Day may have come and gone already but that doesn't mean that the season of giving has to end yet. So for a Boxing Day bonus treat I'll share those behind-the-scenes pics of my Royal BBC photoshoot which I promised a few days ago.

I've been trying to think of some clever way in which a Boxing Day posting of pics showing a horny Santa fucking one of his helpers to destress ahead of his all day delivery shift could somehow be an allegory for an important life lesson on how we can all be better people... but I really couldn't.

So fuck it... it's almost still Christmas!

Wait, that is the moral to this posting! We should live every day of our lives like it is still Christmas because at Christmas we all act a little nicer, smile a little easier and get to be the people that we always hope we can be.

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