Monday 27 December 2021

Hands on with my Ferri

For all of my previous Lovense reviews, I've chosen toys that I've genuinely wanted for personal use rather than just picking something for the sake of reviewing it. However, I feel that the time is right to broaden my collection to include some of their toys that I wouldn't immediately gravitate towards. 

Perhaps more out of curiosity than anything, this time I decided to order myself a Ferri, which Lovense describe as a "tiny, versatile & powerful magnetic panty vibrator".

I had not previously considered getting myself a Ferri predominantly because I couldn't really see what gap it would fill in my collection. In my mind, the Lush 3 really ticked all of the same boxes. However, my Ferri has received a huge amount of use since it arrived and I have loved every minute with it.

Why have I enjoyed it so much? Well, we'll get to that...

First impressions

The box that the Ferri arrives in is absolutely tiny. Even with that in mind, my reaction upon opening the box was "is that it?". The Ferri is small. I mean really small. If ever a product could claim to be the perfect size to discreetly carry around in your handbag for spontaneous use at any moment, this is surely it.

And, if the mood suddenly takes you to have some fun, all you need to do is pull the magnet off, slip the Ferri down into your panties and then hold the magnet next to it on the outside of your panties. The magnet is pretty damn powerful, so it will easily snap back to the body of the Ferri on the other side of the material holding it in place.

I tried it with a few different types of panties and it seemed to fit well with all of them. The magnet had no problem holding on to the Ferri in all cases, although I found that it didn't always keep the toys pinned in one place. Don't get me wrong, the magnet well and truly kept the Ferri attached to my panties but, depending on the fit of the panties and whether I was moving around whilst wearing the Ferri, there could be some travel with the Ferri sliding around a little. 

As I say though, it never felt like there was any danger of it coming loose. Just the occasional bit of readjustment if I wanted it a bit higher up and it had just edged itself down a bit.

It's worth noting along with the usual goodies in the box; i.e. the charger (the same as used by the Lush 3 and Nora) and a storage bag, you do get a spare magnet, just in case you lose the one that comes attached to the toy. You can also buy replacement pairs from the Lovense store. I suspect that it's more likely that you'll lose the magnet between play sessions than during them but, either way, it's a relief to know that the toy won't be rendered useless if you lose the ones in the box.

And, while touching on the contents of the box, I'll just mention that the storage bag that you get is almost comically oversized. It's the same size as you would get with a Lush or Hush but, with the toy only being a fraction of the size, it really is like a hotdog in a hallway. Still, I'd rather have what comes with the Ferri than nothing at all.

The little toy that could

If, like me, you thought, "is that it?" when unboxing it, those thoughts will evaporate the moment it starts buzzing. I feel like I say this every time I review a Lovense toy but, my god, does it pack a punch. I genuinely find it quite incredible that such a small toy can vibe so hard.

It genuinely caught me completely off guard how powerful it is. The first time I used it, I turned the strength setting up to max, then handed control over to a willing controller. I don't remember any toy making me cum as hard and fast as I did right then. I can't say for sure how long I lasted but somewhere between 3 and 5 mins later I was a quivering wet mess.

Let me tell you, there is nothing like a great orgasm to sell you on a product and, from that very moment, I was completely sold on my Ferri. I have had so much fun dropping random control links into the channel in Lovense's Discord server and letting random strangers buzz the fuck out of me while I'm doing housework or working from home.

Because it is so small and can sit so snuggling in your panties, it really does not interfere with what you are doing at all. I can easily imagine that you can go out and about and almost forget what you're wearing. It really is that unobtrusive.

Ferri vs Lush

Now, with all that out of the way, I need to address the question of why you may want to choose this over the Lush for public play because, at the end of the day, that is very much the type of use that this is intended for.

My problem when reviewing it for that purpose is that I simply don't use any of my toys for public play. It just isn't something I do. But I certainly can infer some of the pros and cons simply by wearing it around the house.

First of all, as I alluded to earlier, it really is perfect for spontaneous use. It's so quick and easy to slip into your underwear. The Lush, on the other hand, needs to be a bit more premeditated in that you would insert into yourself before going out with the expectation that you will use it. The Ferri is just perfect for using on the spur of the moment.

Also, and I suppose this is the biggest point when choosing between the two, the Ferri will stimulate you differently to the Lush. The Lush is a G-spot stimulator with some bonus clit stimulation. The Ferri is all about the clitoris though. It may take a little adjusting but if you can get it to sit in just the right spot, it feels like heaven when it starts vibing against your clit.

Quiet enough?

However, I do actually have one reservation about it for public play and this one is actually going to be a big surprise.

Lovense say that the volume of the Ferri and the Lush 3 is just 48dB when on max power. For a vibrating sex toy, that is remarkably quiet, Anecdotally, I would say that the Ferri is actually quieter than the Lush when both are held in my hand.

Of course, neither toy is used whilst being held in your hand. One of them is inserted into your underwear while the other is inserted into your vagina. And it must be said, that when the Ferri is in place, the material of your panties and whatever you may be wearing over them, doesn't really do anything to muffle or dampen the buzzing sound. I actually found it to be noticeable, albeit when sitting in a relatively quiet room by myself.

In comparison, the Lush sounds much quieter when in use because, being inside you, your body does a pretty good job of muffling the sound. Certainly a much better job than a couple of layers of fabric.

How conspicuous the sound is, will of course depend on the amount of ambient noise around you when using it. I would just caution that the Ferri may over-deliver on your expectations for power but under-deliver on your expectations for subtly. That said, I'm sure that in many situations, it really won't be anything to worry about. Well, as long as the magnet isn't pressed up against your jeans zip or anything like that because that could cause a racket that will draw the attention of others.

The techy stuff

All that is really left for me to say after that is to quickly cover a few of the technical details of the Ferri.

As you would expect, it is made of body-safe materials and is completely waterproof. The USB charging cable has a magnetic attachment so no open ports or sockets to worry about.

Cleaning is super quick and easy. Just use your favourite sex toy cleaner or some mild soap.

A single button on it acts as both the on/off button and lets you cycle through the pre-programmed patterns, although you will probably rarely use it for the latter. The usual outstanding app will have you more than covered in that department providing a wealth of patterns and other fun features to explore.

Closing thoughts

I think that is all there is to say really. The Ferri is deceptively dainty but it will rock your fucking world if you give it a chance. One go with this was all that was needed to convert me from being unsure about it to being completely in love with it. Good luck stifling those moans of orgasmic pleasure when out in public. And, even if you just want to use it at home, it is more than capable of getting you off in no time.

Ultimately,  when considering whether to pick up a Ferri or not, the question boils down to which of the Lush and the Ferri suits your purposes best. Whichever one you go for, I am sure you will not feel let down.

If the Ferri is the one that you opt for, head over to the Lovense Store to pick one up now!

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