Friday 17 December 2021

You can keep your hat on

I usually like to take a "watch but don't get involved" policy when checking out places like the Black Bull Stripclub. I tend to sit on the periphery of things just watching and taking notes.

On this occasion, I eventually felt compelled to get involved though. The lack of any actual stripping on stage was something that I found really frustrating. Lots of girls dancing in their underwear but none of it coming off. Not even a hint of nudity on stage.

This was something I could not abide any longer. So I got up there and showed them how it was done!

Ok, full disclosure... that wasn't really my main motivation. Even from where I was sat at the bar, I could see how much money was getting thrown at the various dancers. And, given that my current financial position could be described as perilous, I couldn't help but wonder how much I could make if I gave the paying customers a real show.

As it turns out, more than enough to continue paying for my hotel room for the next couple of weeks, with some cash left over to pick up a few new festive outfits to wear. I was practically swimming in dollar bills by the time I had finished.

A good day's work. Definitely preferable to sucking random dicks in a junkyard or public restroom to just make a few dollars!

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