Wednesday, 15 December 2021

Very wet and very satisfied

Thank you do everyone that came and buzzed my Lush today. I had only planned to have a sneaky opening for an hour or so because I was feeling horny. I finally closed, two hours and two very enjoyable orgasms later.

I don't know if my dice was rigged today but there consistently high rolls by every guy that played my game so I had some nice, decent length sessions with not many breaks which really helped me build towards both of the orgasms nicely. If I remember correctly, the first roll of the day was a 1 (which I upgraded to 2 minutes because that's what I always do) but every roll after that was at least 4 minutes.

And I think I got lucky with the controllers today well. The room was never particularly busy but I did generally have a steady stream of willing players. Everyone who took part seemed very determined to give me a good time, which was nice. A few were massive teases when in control which really got me going. And some just gave it to me hard and fast. They all felt fucking great though and all that buzzing got me so wet so quickly.

Also, because they kept me so occupied with all the buzzing, I completely forgot about by taking off my top or bra. I usually wear at least a t-shirt or bra to begin with so I have something to tempt guests with if things are going slowly or if I want to give some added incentives to keep buzzing. In fact, it wasn't until right at the end of today's opening that it even occurred to me that I should have rewarded my guests by showing them a bit more flesh. I managed to get my top off but orgasm number 2 hit before for my tits got set free.

Oh, did I mention that they made me cum twice? I probably did... Really hard and intense both times. I'll definitely call today's opening a smashing success. Good times.

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