Sunday 12 December 2021

Feeling festive at last

Welp, it may just be a temporary reprieve but I've managed to secure myself a few nights in a warm hotel room thanks to a paying modelling job last night. 

I had to compromise a little on what I would or wouldn't normally be prepared to do but I honestly will not miss that junkyard one bit so I'll gladly take a bit of girl on girl action as a price well worth paying. Much better than having to sucker stranger's cocks in a disgusting junkyard, don't you think?

There was even enough of my earnings left over to get some new clothes so I can finally wear something other than my stinky Squirt Game uniform. Hopefully, that can now be retired forever. I obviously went for something with a Christmas flavour because I do so love the festive time of the year.

Of course, I'm still dreaming of being back home in time for Christmas but I think that will require a Christmas miracle. I can hope thought.

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