Saturday 1 January 2022

Seeing the year in with a buzz

That's right... a buzz, not a bang.

Amanda didn't hand around too long after we saw the new year in. I was happy to hang around a little longer while I was riding the pleasure of having my pussy buzzed by the Lovense New Year Orgy.

Although there were over 5000 Lovense users synced to the orgy event at this point, the buzzing did start to die down a little around 00:30. Instead of non-stop buzzing, there were regular gaps appearing between buzzes.

I was thinking that it was time for me to call it a night as well but, as I was preparing to head home to bed, one of my followers approached and said hello. It seems like he had been waiting to meet me for a while but had been nervous about bothering me while I had been dancing with Amanda. 

It was certainly lucky that he didn't leave it any longer as he would have missed his opportunity all together.

As it turned out, he had also been participating in the Lovense orgy a little earlier in the night so we spent a while comparing notes on how much we enjoyed it, how it compared to previous Lovense orgy events and our favourite sorts of Lovense patterns.

Of course, I made sure to get a picture with him before I eventually did leave to get some sleep. I always like to keep a record of my fan meet and greets.

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