Monday, 21 March 2022

Swingers fuckfest in the woods

The Choux's swingers camp started out as a humble swapping meet between two married couples who are into swinging. But, from there, it quickly developed into a full-blown fuckfest as more and more couples and singles joined in. 

Honestly, it was staggering how swiftly the action heated up with the rugs that had been laid out on the grass soon becoming lost underneath a writhing layer of naked, sweaty bodies passionately fucking each other. Lovers and strangers all intermingling with one another with the single desire to experience the thrill of communal pleasure.

Then, the assembled orgy shifted en mass to the nearby bench table for the most impressive displayed of coordinated group fucking that I have ever witnessed. Like a flock of birds changing direction, they moved as one . 

Perhaps instinctively, the thrusts and moans became almost synchronised as just under 20 bodies occupied the same small space. Their eyes dancing between their own partners and the other participants; in part to admire all the bare flesh and in part to gauge the competition for whole was fucking best. No doubt they all stepped up their game, not wanting to be out performed by their neighbours.

Yes, this really was top notch stuff to behold and I would be lying if I tried to claim that it didn't get me turned on. Very turned on indeed! 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I need to go and fap to these pictures as just thinking about it again is making me want to touch myself to release some of the sexual frustrations I felt at not being able to get involved myself.

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