Tuesday 1 March 2022

Pancakes on the roof

Amanda and I take Pancake Day very seriously! It has become a tradition between us that we take it in turns to host each other for an evening of all-manner of treat-filled pancakes.

This year, it was my turn to handle hosting responsibilities. However, my current living situation, i.e. being stuck in a hotel, does particularly afford me the sort of facilities that one would require to put on a pancake party.

Nevertheless, shirking my pancake day responsibilities is something that I simply will not do. One way or another, I will see that the day is properly celebrated.

It was lucky for me then, that my hotel was putting on pancakes in the restaurant. What was not so lucky was that, by the time that I became aware of this, all of the tables had already been reserved.

All was not lost though, as they were prepared to open up the rooftop terrace restaurant for the booking overflows. 

They probably wished they hadn't in the end, as Amanda and I were the only guests they actually had to seat up there. We weren't complaining as we had the place to ourselves. It's wonderful not having to compete with other guests for the waiter's attention!

Mind you, the rooftop terrace is normally for VIPs only so we did have to dress the part, turning it into the poshest pancake day I've ever been part of. It's always nice to dress up once in a while and I have to say, I think we both scrubbed up pretty well!

Amanda also had to coach me in how to eat pancakes with dignity after she looked on in horror as I used my fingers to roll my very first pancake. By the time we were stuffed full, I had well and truly mastered the art of folding and rolling pancakes with my knife and fork.

I think that I got to around 9 or 10 pancakes and that Amanda had a similar number. For mine, I added a mixture of Nutella, sugar and strawberry sauce. Amanda went a bit more organic and had honey, marmalade and a sneaky bit of Nutella.

The only blemish on the evening was when Amanda leaned across the table to wipe some Nutella from my lip and accidentally leant on the Nutella-smeared pancake that she was in the middle of preparing. She only made things once when she tried to rub it off.

To spare her embarrassment, I had to distract the waiter with my cleavage whenever he came over to check on us. He probably thinks I am a right hussy now but it certainly stopped him from noticing the stain on her dress. There was only one place he was looking!

I then had to smuggle her back to my hotel room without anyone seeing so that I could give her one of my hoodies to wear over the stain on her way back home. I think we managed to do that ok so I suppose that all's well that ends well.

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