Saturday, 21 May 2022

Keeping it going for Masturbation Month

OK, so how are we looking at the end of week 3 of Masturbation Month?

Well, not to bad but not as good as I had hoped. After ramping it up last week, I'd hoped to continue that momentum this week. As it turned out, I've had a pretty hectic week so not as much time available for fapping as I'd have liked.

Regardless, my total for week 3 is still a very respectable 9 faps, which takes me to a total of 25 faps in 21 days. So, even if I'm down on last week's total, I still managed to build a bit more of a margin over the 1 fap a day average that I'm aiming for as a minimum for the month.

Faps per day during week 3

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
2 0 2 1 2 1 1

I don't think there is any doubt that I can manage to masturbate another 6 times in the remaining 10 days of Masturbation Month. But how far beyond 31 can I get? I think 40 could be do-able but I've got another busy week coming up so it's tough to call it.

Where this week has excelled is in terms of how interesting some of masturbation sessions have been. You probably have seen that I enjoyed some masturbation training with Caligula at the start of last week. That was certainly quite an experience, especially since we were both masturbating to my Try Not To Cum Challenge video on the biggest home TV screen that I think I have ever seen!

But I also had a very interesting experience at the local dogging site. I went along expecting to sit in my car whilst pleasuring myself to the view of some exhibitionist couples getting their fuck on for all to appreciate.

It was very quiet when I arrived though and no-one fucking at all. Not even a single couple!

So I stepped up and put on a show for one very lucky car. With the headlights shining brightly in my eyes, it was hard for me to see who was in the car. No idea whether it was someone going solo or perhaps a couple. 

All I know is that I made sure that nothing was left to their imagination as I fingered the fuck out of my pussy with my legs spread wide especially for whoever may be watching.

Yup, that was a very thrilling masturbation session, no doubt about it!

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