Saturday 14 May 2022

Even more birthday cake

Given how much cake I scoffed on Thursday, I think it was a sensible call by Amanda to hold off on giving me the cake that she had prepared for my birthday until our traditional Eurovision Song Contest watch party.

This year she baked a quadruple chocolate cake which she cleverly shaped into the shape of a heart. I can assure you it was absolutely yummy, as evidenced by the fact that we scoffed the whole thing down between just the two of us.

She did admit to going cheap on the number of candles though, being unwilling to pay out for several packs. I don't mind though. It means no unwanted reminder of how old I'm getting. Yup, just the one candle to blow out will do. Obviously I made a wish when doing so but I'm not going to tell you what it was, otherwise it won't come true!

Also, apparently her little cabin has developed some sort of perpetual flower petal leak in the roof. So weird, huh?

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