Saturday 4 June 2022

Breaking record after record

I was asked yesterday if I was planning to open up my room for some buzzing fun and, to be honest, I'd not really been thinking about it recently. I suppose all my Masturbation Month fapping had been more than enough to keep me satisfied enough that I didn't feel the urge to let a bunch of randoms furiously vibe the shit out of me.

However, that question did plant the seed in my mind and, given that I had a pretty empty day today, I decided that I might as well give it a go today. And, with that in mind, I did a little prep work to get ready which makes a nice change from most of my openings over the last few months which have just been spur of the moment opening. 

Specifically, I decided to update the signage on the walls to advertise to my guests what today's goals would be. A little teaser, if you will, of what I might treat them to if they gave me enough buzzing pleasure.

I also tried something a little different with today's goals because of my choice of starting toy. It occurred to me that my Ferri was the only one that I hadn't used in my room and I thought it was about time to do something about that. The thing is, the Ferri being a panty vibe and all, it does mean that I need to be wearing panties while getting vibed. 

Or, instead of panties, a sexy teddy body suit, which is what I decided to go with. A sexy sheer teddy that leaves nothing to the imagination but gives me something for my Ferri to stick to so it doesn't wander off from that sweet spot over my clit which is exactly where I want it.

Anyway, the point that I'm trying to get to is that whilst wearing my teddy, it kinda prevents me from doing my usual type of goals such as top off, bra off and panties off. So, instead, today's goals would be a mixture of giving from rolls to peeps in the room and unlocking extra toys to vibe me with. In other words, they were all about giving me more pleasure!

I stuck four goals up on the wall; #1 and #3 would be a free extra roll from anyone in the room when those goals were hit and #2 and #4 would be for extra toys. At goal #2. we'd unlock my Hush 2 to go in my ass for some dual stimulation of clit and ass. Then goal #4 would be swapping my Ferri for my Dolce, which would mean that I would be getting triple stimulation of my clit, g-spot and ass.

I only remember doing doing DP with toys once before and that was with my Lush and Hush so, if we hit goal #4, that would be the first time I'd ever experienced triple stimulation like that. I was very excited about that possibility but also slightly nervous as the Dolce is powerful enough by itself, so when adding deep rumbly vibes in my ass as well.... Well, that would be a whole fuck load of buzzing.

Now, you are probably wondering how I got on? I would say things went pretty well in general. Today's dice rolls were quite bizarre though. Basically every roll was either a 1,2 or 6 meaning that each buzz session was either 2 mins (I always double 1s remember) or 6 mins.

As is sometimes the case, most of my visitors were a bit shy but a few enthusiastic guests more than made up for that by taking ever opportunity to roll the dice. There were plenty of bonus rolls purchased via gifts and plenty of the extra rolls for hitting goals #1 and #3 were used. So yes, we obviously managed to hit those goals.

Frustrating, I did have several guests take their rolls and then leave before they got chance to buzz me. I really don't know why some people aren't prepared to wait already for a couple of minutes whilst the previous roller finishes their turn.

That said there was one guest who took their initial free roll and immediately purchased 3 more rolls to get a grand total of 15mins of non-stop control. Anyone could be forgiven for not wanting to wait through that but, funnily enough, that was not when anyone else was waiting. All the people who left while waiting to buzz, were during periods when there was a very quick turn around.

Regardless, we smashed through all of the goals for a final total 69 mins of buzzing. A suitably sexy number to end on. And that's not even including the time for guests who rolled but left early so it should have been over 80. I'm not sure what my record is but that definitely would have smashed it. As it is, I think we probably still beat it anyway.

Of course, that means that I ended up with toys buzzing inside both of my holes which was super intense. There were times when my hole body was quivering with pleasure. In particular, the three times that they made me cum. Which, again, may be a new record as I only remember being able to cum twice before.

The first time they made me cum was actually quite early in the session whilst it was just my Ferri buzzing. Maybe it was like the 3rd or 4th set of vibes that got me there, so it really did not take long at all.

There was then a bit of a gap until they made me cum again whilst my Hush and Ferri were working in unison. I think it took a little longer than expected to get to cum #2 because everyone seemed more interested in blasting my ass with vibes and my clit was kind of neglected a little. I guess I just had a group of butt fans in the room at that point. My Ferri would just get set to a middle-ish sort of intensity and then get left there whilst they cranked my Hush up and down to give me some nice rumbly buzzes deep inside me.

Then the final time was just before closing when my Dolce and Hush well and truly finished me off. I had nothing left after that. I was just a wet, quivering mess. And my Hush's battery was well into the red and nearly dead, which just further proves what I said before about my guests being all about the ass!

Also, I should mention that when we hit goal #4 and my Dolce went inside me, I was finally able to strip out of my teddy as it was no longer needed to keep my Ferri in place. So I did get  to reward the guests who hung around until towards the end with a bit of nudity. It would have been a bit weird to get through all that buzzing and not given a little bit of a visual treat in return.

I should give a special mention to one guest who has 3 rolls and only got 2 minutes each time. Can't believe how unlucky that was!

Today's High Rollers
  • CloudFriend
  • jumpingjackflash
  • joesmooth
  • specialefx
  • MadDuckDK
  • Gizi

Then, at the other end of the spectrum, there was the guest who I already mentioned who got 15 minutes of uninterrupted buzzing. Well, he had a few other rolls as well. He had 6 in total and he rolled a massive 28 minutes out of a possible 36! 

See, I told you all of today's rolls were at one extreme or the other! And that was yet another record smashed for the most minutes of control by a single person, not just for a single session but total minutes across all sessions, beating out the previous high rollers who each had several visits to get to the top.

How many records is that now that I have mentioned being broken today? I've lost count! But I think was all of them. Let's see, most minute of control for one person, most total minutes rolled for a session, most points of stimulation by my toys, most orgasms.... I think that's it. 

So yeah, pretty good going today!

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