Wednesday 6 July 2022

Anyone for golf?

I am going to issue a full disclaimer up front. My experience of golf is limited to a few rounds of crazy golf and local fairs and maybe one round of pitch and putt. It's fair to say that I don't even know what a handicap is, let alone what mine would be.

Nevertheless, when you find a scenic gold course that is as gorgeous as this one, it would be a crying shame not to have a go. Even if it is just an excuse to have wander around this picturesque island.

As it turned out, I don't think I disgraced myself with my perform either, although it was a bit of a rollercoaster.

Take hole 1, for example. After a superb drive off the tee on hole 1, I then horribly sliced my second shot. Regardless, I made it to the green in 4 shots on this par 5 hole, before calamity struck when it came to my first attempt at putting. I finally walked away with a double bogie.

Holes 2 and 3 were much better, with me achieving par for both. Hole 4 was even better as I got my very first birdie and I pulled my score back to just 1 over par!

Over the next 13 holes, things continued to be up and down and I arrived on the final hole with my score at 5 over par (hitting my ball into the water on hole 12 didn't help my score much). With this hole being a par 3, my chances of getting at least par were gone but I still hoped to finish with a flourish.

It was not to be though as I drove my first shot straight into the bunker. Things did not improve from there and I did well to come away with just a bogie for that hole, leaving me on a final score of 6 over par. Not bad for a first timer!

My highlight of the day would surely be getting to race round the island on a golf buggy though. I might have to play a few more games just to get to do that again. Definitely something that I've always wanted to tick off my bucket list. I just hope that there weren't any complaints about the speed I was doing, otherwise they may not be willing to hand over the keys to one of the buggies if I return in the future. 

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