Thursday 1 September 2022

Pleasure Your Mate Month

Life can be hectic, we all know this. Some times the days can fly, barely giving us a chance to fully appreciate or make the most of them. 

A consequence of this can be that we take the things that are most important to us for granted as we focus on all the various trials and tribulations that life can throw at us, especially in the these turbulent times. And I'm sure that we are all guilty of neglecting those close to us because we are simply accustomed to them all simply being there, day after day. 

But it doesn't need to be like this. For Pleasure You Mate Month, we are reminded to make that effort to show our life partners how much they really mean to us and to go that extra mile to ensure that they feel loved.

And we're speaking about all sorts of pleasure here. It could be the obvious sexual pleasure, making sure you find time to make love regularly and to really focus on fulfilling their sexual needs as well as your own. 

Or it could just be the little things. Like remembering to give them a loving kiss each day, treating them to a little gift or just spending some quality time in each other's company without thinking about all the worldly distractions going on around you.

However you choose to spend the month, it can be a time to reconnect with your loved one by temporarily putting other things aside and putting them first.

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