Thursday 6 October 2022

Making my own fun

The Orgy Cinema was sadly a bit light on the orgy entertainment when I dropped in for a show this morning.

When I say a bit light, that's really just a polite way of saying that the cinema was completely dead. Not a single live performance for me to enjoy.

And I did give it some time. Perhaps 30 minutes of patiently waiting for anyone to come on stage to get naughty for my viewing pleasure.

It just was not to be...

Not to worry though. In a place like this, it is always possible to make your own entertainment. So, I bravely stepped over the "no clothes passed here" sign and made my way into the back of the cinema.

I had seen others going and going from this area and it seemed that most disregarded the whole "no clothes" thing as more of a suggestion than a requirement. I hedged my bets by stripping to my underwear. Not going the whole way just yet, but still showing the right spirit.

A quick twirl around a stripper's pole got me nice and warmed up for whatever fun I was about to partake in.

The choices were many; grab a glory hole booth and await a cock, submit to being a caged fuck toy, offer my holes up through a hole in the wall or spread myself across a bed for any horny partner to join me.

The glory hole booths were right there; literally just metres from where I was warming up, so I went with the lazy choice of picking what was nearest.

With a booth all to myself, it was now just a waiting game. A waiting game that did not last very long.

Some shuffling from the other side of the wall. Followed by the sound of a belt being unbuckled and zip being undone. And then long, hard cock appeared through my glory hole.

Licking my lips, I dropped to my knees to behold what I was about to be working with.

It was big. Very big! But I was not about to be intimidated by something like that. No, a cock this size is something to celebrate, not be frightened off.

So, I took the head in my mouth. My jaws spread wide, I could just about take the girth of it.

My head began bobbing, each time taking slightly more of his length as my bravery grew. 

But, by the point that I was taking barely more than half the length of the shaft, it was becoming a struggle to go much further. The immense length and girth of this meaty fuck stick was a lot to take and it was easily filling my throat already.

I sensed an impatience from my mystery partner, as he clearly wanted me to swallow more of his massive member.

As I forced myself to taking him deep down my throat, my face was practically pushing through the hole.

And then hands grabbing. I had gone far enough that he was able to get his hands around my head and pull me all the way through on to his side of the glory hole.

Unable to fend him off and pull back to the safest of my side of the hole, I was completely at his mercy. Two hands on the back of my head held me in place while he recklessly fucked my face.

I gagged again and again as he tried to go all the way down my throat. He got close a few times before giving up and releasing me.

He was not done with me yet though. He barked an instruction for me to "give him my ass". I sheepishly complied with his order and presented both my pussy and ass to the hole for him to choose from.

It was more in hope than expectation, but he did not select my pussy. Instead he forced his cock deep into my ass. The only lubrication being the remainder of my spittle from my prior throat fucking.

For all my fondness of buttplugs, my ass is not used to taking cocks like this. The discomfort of such a beefy dick fucking my ass with little lubrication to aid it in sliding in and out was not pleasant. Not pleasant at all as he stretched my tight hole wide.

Relief came soon though. Obviously, my tightness was too much for him, Barely a dozen thrusts of his hips and then I felt his warm seed being pumped inside me. 

A grunt and a couple more abrupt thrusts and he was done. He withdrew and left me to clean up as creamy load oozed from my abused asshole and ran down the inside of my legs. Lovely...

As a pool of cum collected on the floor below me, I decided it best to move elsewhere if I was going to continue making my own fun here.

I wander into a larger room that I had not explored before. In the centre of it, more glory holes. But instead of completely shutting participants off from each other, these ones just used frosted glass to separate cock sucker from cock owner.

An interesting concept that I don't believe I had ever come across before. I wanted to try it out! Once more, I offered my bare lower half to one of the holes. I closed my eyes and waited, hopefully for something nice to be inserted inside one of my holes.

It could have been a tongue or some fingers, but let's not pretend like we are surprised that it was another cock. Another cock that when straight to A. 

Perhaps my new partner could tell that my tight ass had already been loosened somewhat. Or perhaps it was just a complete coincidence. Or may, just maybe, he had a kink for sloppy seconds.

As he slowly pushed his throbbing cock inside me, much more carefully than my previous partner had, the remaining traces of cum inside me were squeezed out, coating his cock with another man's spunk.  He either didn't notice or didn't care, as he joyfully buttfucked me. 

A much more pleasurable experience for me this time too. Although not one that last a whole lot longer before he pulled out and called for me to get down on my knees.

It was obvious what was coming next, but I couldn't resist wrapping my lips around his cock for a quick suck. Only a very quick suck, mind you, as he soon began to twitch and quiver.

Furiously jerking him off as hard as I could, he fired off a stream of spaff across my face. As I leaned in to clean him off, he juddered again at the touch of my lips on the throbbing tip of his cock. Another stream of cum shot down my throat. And he was done.

Except, he wasn't done. 

Still erect, still nice and firm, his cock remained poking through the glory hole.

I feel that a guy who can go multiple rounds without needing any recovery time, is more than deserving of being allowed to go again. So I was not going to deny him the chance to receive a proper sucking for my soft, cum-glazed lips.

He continued to twitch at my every touch. Clearly he was still feeling extremely sensitive down there, but I did not want this to be another quick cum, so I teased him. Lightly sucking and licking, edging him along until it felt like he was ready for some slightly more intense stimulation.

Whilst pleasuring him with my mouth, I had also been touching myself, getting my pussy ready to final have it's turn. It was time.

Backing up to the window, I spread my pussy lips for him and slowly eased him inside me. He remained motionless, instead allowing me to take the lead and fuck him however I wanted. And I wanted it fast.

Gyrating my hips, my bum smacked against the frosted glass separating us as I took him deep inside me. My hungry cunt swallowing his cock.

The reward for my enthusiastic fucking was another hot load of cum. Not surprisingly, he could not manage as much cum second time round, but there was still enough to give me that warm feeling as he creampied inside me.

Thus I completed a perfect hat trick of cumloads; one in my mouth, one in my ass and now one in my pussy. And he really was done this time.

In my mind, I was done too. Very satisfied with my day's work. But, as I sat there, evacuating what cum I could from my creamy vagina, a third cock was offered up to my hole.

I could have called it a day. I really could have. That would have been mean on this new guy though. I mean, he could obviously see me through the frosted glass, unlike if it had just been a solid wall, so he definitely wanted me to service him. It wasn't like he was just sticking his dick through in the hope that there was someone on the other side to oblige.

Wearily, I hauled myself to my knees. Taking him in my mouth, I pressed my face found against the glass, taking his entire length in my throat. As I gathered the energy within myself to start some more head bobbing action, he took the initiative instead and carefully began fucking my mouth.

Nothing too forceful or out of control, so I just kept my mouth in place for him so he could simply please himself. His cock was not too big, not too small, just right to let him thrust it in between my lips at his own pace.

Feeling myself getting a second wind, or perhaps that should be a third wind, I fancied getting fucked one more time before calling it a day.

Climbing to my feet, I presented both on my holes for him to pick from. Of course, it was now guaranteed that he was going to be getting sloppy seconds for whichever hole he opted for.

To be honest, I really didn't want it in the ass again, but I couldn't really be bothered make a big deal of it if that was what he wanted. Thankfully, he went for my pussy. The right choice if you ask me.  

Again, I didn't really have to do anything here. Once he had eased his cock inside my still creamy cunt, he was happy to fuck me at his own pace; not too hard and fast, not too soft and gentle. 

We carried on like that for a while, not really sure how long as I was pretty much just cum drunk at this point, just going with the flow. I was full expecting to keep going like this until I felt his warmth explode inside me as his juices mingled with both my own and his predecessor's.

He had other ideas though, asking if he could cum on face as he felt himself getting near to climax. That was absolutely fine with me. I was already plenty sticky from having already taken one facial. so there was no harm in adding to that.

I waited for his command to drop to my knees, and quickly did so when it finally arrived. Giving him a literal helping hand, I took a single, huge blast of spunk directly to the face. Jizz splattering across my cheek and nose, before running down around my mouth and then dripping from my chin down onto my chest.

I was, most definitely, now done.

He patiently, or maybe more accurately, hopefully waited for me to continue pleasuring him. His dick remarkably still rock solid even after giving me another good glazing. But I'd done my part already and, with my energy reserves now run dry. I collapsed in a sticky heap on the floor.

Nevertheless, he hung around for a little while, before eventually conceding that that was all he was getting from me. For, you see, I had sunk into a deep cum-coma that I would not be coming our of any time soon.

So, in closing, the Orgy Cinema was definitely missing the "Orgy" part of the name but, if you are so inclined, you can more than make up for that by making your own fun. Just not orgy-type fun...

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