Monday 12 December 2022

Laura's Airbnb - Episode 8

It's good to be back home. But, as I mentioned last week, it comes with a catch; I need to bolster my income by letting out my spare room via Airbnb.

Of course, this is not the first time that I've done this. In fact, I did it quite regularly in the past, starting about 5 years ago. 

Most of those bookings were fairly uneventful with the guests coming and going without much fuss. But there were a few that got a little, let's say, lewd. OK, OK, I fucked a few of my guests and spied on some of the others whilst they were fucking each other. 

This time will be different though! I promise to behave. No more spying. And I'll try my best not to get into an questionable situations with any of my guests.

Well, about that last bit... I kinda already fucked that part up with my very first guest who stayed with me this past weekend. It totally wasn't my fault though and I really had no choice. 

Don't believe me? You can make up your own mind because my CCTV caught the whole thing on camera.

Don't get too excited about this being a long overdue season 2 of my shameful sex antics because I've turned over a new leaf. This is definitely a one-off. I'm going to be super professional from now on and that means no more lewd behaviour during guest visits.

I'll even prove that I'm going to stick to my word because next weekend I've got Jess and Chris coming to stay with me once again. Last time they visited, I spied on them making passionate love after a romantic diner date. They enjoyed their stay so much that they wanted to come back but I will 100% not spy on this time. 

Just you wait. I'll be on my best behaviour and there will be no sexy business. I'm sure off it...

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