Tuesday 27 December 2022

A train ride down memory lane

During a time when the world is constantly in upheaval, seemingly perpetually staggering from one crisis to another, sometimes it is reassuring when you come upon things that simply never change. Things that you can rely on to always be just as you remembered them in your cherished memories.

As a demonstration of that, I present to you Exhibit A...

Now, it's been a few years since I last took the polar train back home for Christmas, so I felt like it was time to recapture that festive spirit of ploughing through the snow at high speed whilst enjoying the decadent comfort that this train offers.

But, you know as well as I do, that this train is not just about comfort. What also sets this train apart is its reputation for being the train to catch if you are totally down to fuck. It has become synonymous with being the perfect way to enjoy a one night stand with a complete stranger whilst on the go. 

Think of a swingers party where they all drop their keys in the bowl. But instead of picking keys to determine your partner for the night, you just pick an unlocked cabin door and join whoever is in there. 

That's not to say that each cabin is limited to just one couple either, or that fucking is strictly limited to just the cabins. Some couples might leave their door slightly ajar to invite others in to watch or even join in, whilst others will simply start boning in one of the communal areas for all to see. 

You know that's the part that I enjoy most. Sure, I have indulged in some naughty behaviour myself on this train in the past, but the thrill of spying on others is what really gets me off.

Anyway, my trip back from the holidays did not disappoint this year as I got to witness all sorts of lewdness as I prowled the corridors of the train.

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